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13 February 2019 - Tenterden Ladies Lions Club raise funds for Dungeness RNLI

27 February 2019 - Dungeness RNLI lifeboat tasked to dive boat experiencing an overheated engine

5 March 2019 - RNLI celebrates its inspirational women

26 March 2019 - High Sheriff of Kent awards Dungeness and Dover RNLI stations

30 March 2019 - Dungeness RNLI crew are tasked to a search after a search and rescue transponder signal is detected

12 April 2019 - Dungeness RNLI assists cabin cruiser with failed propellers

6 May 2019 - Dungeness RNLI assist broken down sailing vessel

10 June 2019 - Dungeness RNLI lifeboat tasked to assist yacht with engine failure in the shipping lane of the English Channel

5 July 2019 - RNLI Dungeness tasked to three people on broken down yacht in the shipping lanes